NIKI conference

Twenty-third Annual NIKI-Conference


Sculpture in the Low Countries and Sculpture in Italy: a choice from the fifteenth up till the nineteenth century.


The twenty-third annual conference is devoted to sculpture. Though the issue of sculpture has been touched upon in previous conferences on Dutch and Italian art and the artistic relations between the two countries, it has never been chosen as a main theme.

In the early modern period most of the Dutch and Flemish sculptors travelled and worked abroad which may explain the fact that their accomplishments and the influence their works exerted has until recently been largely neglected by Dutch art historians. Fortunately it proved easy to bring together a group of speakers who have conducted research on these issues.

Moreover, the persistent work of Frits Scholten and Arjan De Koomen on a database of sculptors born in the Netherlands has led to a gradual change in appreciation: we now realize that these artists were numerous, prolific and that they produced important works that merit scholarly attention. The presence in Florence and Rome of a Dutch University Institute for Art History provides a further stimulus for this kind of research which also focuses on the issue of the migration of sculptors and sculptural ideas in Europe.




Nederlands Interuniversitair Kunsthistorisch Instituut, Florence

Departement Geschiedenis en Kunstgeschiedenis, Utrecht


Date: Monday, 8 december

Admission: free

Location: Utrecht, Museum Catharijneconvent, Nieuwegracht 63

Reservations: (deadline: 1 december)

Lunch: standaard (euro 8.50) of uitgebreid (euro 10.00)





10.30-11.00 Coffee


11.00 Michael Kwakkelstein (NIKI/UU), Director’s Welcome


11.15 Frits Scholten, Pietro Torrigiani in Flanders: His ‘Mater Dolorosa’ in the Rijksmuseum


11.45 Louk Tilanus, Few Sculptors Made Selfportraits


12.15 Minou Schraven, The ‘Agni Dei’ in the Early Modern Period


13.00 lunch


14.00  Jeannette van Arenthals, Untitled: the Rape of the Sabines


14.30 Jeroen Stumpel, Italy and ‘Transissalana’: Giuseppe Ceracchi and his Monument for Johan Derk van der Capellen 


15.00 Joris van Gastel, A Fiammingo in Rome: Artus Quellinus and the Origins of the Baroque Bust


15.30 Ghislain Kieft, The Sculptor François Duquesnoy and the ‘Exemplum Doloris’ in the Netherlands


16.00 ‘borrel’